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Boerhaave Medical Centre sets itself the goal of providing the highest quality care. Quality not just in terms of treatment, but also in terms of our staff and the before and after care given. By providing thorough information and clear advice in advance, carefully supporting our patients through the procedure and caring for them afterwards, we believe this quality is assured.

Although we are one of the largest clinics in the Netherlands and have built up many years of experience, we continuously strive to improve. After all, the Boerhaave Medical Centre intends to remain a pioneer in the healthcare sector, by working in accordance with the latest medical findings and techniques both now and in the future.
We offer the highest standard of plastic surgery in our cosmetic care department. For 365 days a year, you can also come to us for non-surgical treatments, such as injectables.

We have been awarded the ZKN quality mark and are certified to ISO 9001-2008 for giving advice and carrying out plastic surgery, including after care.

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What is our mission?

”We care for you”.<

At the Boerhaave Medical Centre, it is all about the patient. Experienced specialists work at the clinic, providing care to meet the individual needs of patients, as specifically and effectively as possible.

The Boerhaave Medical Centre guarantees to offer its patients high-quality, rapid and personal treatment. We promise you our availability, accessibility and commitment. The Boerhaave Medical Centre is home to a large number of medical specialists. In addition to plastic surgery, we also accommodate a state-of-the-art dental practice. Standard (insured) care covers neurology among other areas.

History of Boerhaave Medical Centre

The Amsterdam Boerhaave clinic was established in 1902. The clinic is named after Herman Boerhaave, a highly respected physician and lecturer in clinical medicine, who lived in the seventeenth century. Thanks to his expertise, the University of Leiden grew to become the centre for medical studies. Illustrious personages and rulers, such as King Francis I and Tsar Peter the Great, sought his medical advice.

The Boerhaave clinic in Amsterdam started out as a private clinic in 1902. When the founder/owner Mendes de Leon died in 1924, a medical consortium (Vereniging Boerhaave Kliniek) took over the management of the clinic. However, under this management, the Boerhaave clinic closed in 1994. This closure was prompted by the so-called “Gardeniers list” introduced in 1982 by Til Gardeniers, state secretary for health at the time. This was followed by twelve years of constant policy reforms.

As chairman of the medical staff at the Boerhaave clinic, internist Pieter Maurits Elte (1948) fought hard against the closure of the Boerhaave clinic, supported by doctors, patients, local residents and staff alike. On August 31, 1994, the closure became a fact, but on the initiative and under the management of Marijke Elte-Kreps (1946), wife of Pieter Maurits Elte, the Boerhaave clinic was able to open its doors again. Since 1995, the Boerhaave clinic has been run as a private clinic once more, under the name of the Boerhaave Medical Centre.

After more than 100 years on the Museumplein, the Boerhaave Medical Centre moved to Dintelstraat in Amsterdam in 2014.

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