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More and more people indicate that they would like to use online banking to pay for their treatment. Pay online with iDEAL

By using the form below, you can pay the right amount via iDEAL. For our administration we ask you to fill in your date of birth as payment reference so we can quickly process the payment.

What is iDEAL?

iDEAL is an online banking system that brings you directly to the online banking application from your own bank when paying online. With iDEAL, you do not have to register, download files or create an account. By clicking on the iDEAL logo you will be directly taken into the familiair online banking application from your own bank.

How does iDEAL work?

iDEAL means paying with the online banking application from your own bank safely, securely, easily and quickly. You choose to make your payment with iDEAL on our website. Then you select your bank. You will be linked to the online banking application from your own bank, with the payment details already completed so you will not have to fill in order numbers or amounts. Once you have verified your information you can confirm the payment of your treatment in the way usual for your bank (e.dentifier, Access Key, Tan Code, Random Reader or Digipass). You then leave the Internet banking application and return to our website. The payment of your treatment is completed.

Is iDEAL safe?

iDEAL is just as safe as the payment methods of your own internet banking program. iDEAL only uses existing internet banking systems and therefore the same security standards as your bank does. Paying with iDEAL is just as secure as online banking at your own bank.

Participating banks

iDEAL is available to people who use online banking at one of the following banks: ABN AMRO, ING, Rabobank, SNS Bank, Friesland Bank, ASN Bank, Knab, Regio Bank, Triodos bank and Van Landschot Bankiers.

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