Internal medicine

Internal Medicine department

The Internal Medicine department is an important department within the Boerhaave Medical Centre. After completing his specialist training, internist Dr. P.M. Elte built up many years of experience in the area of internal medicine. He is therefore a highly skilled practitioner of gastrointestinal examinations (such as gastroscopy, colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy) and gastric balloon procedures to tackle obesity.

What is an internist?

An internist is a qualified physician who has specialised in internal medicine. The specialist area of internal medicine focuses on the whole body of the patient. It therefore plays a pivotal role in the treatment of diseases. The internist deals with diseases of the organs inside the body, such as kidneys, heart, lungs, liver, stomach, intestines, blood and blood vessels, thyroid and joints. Known diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, blood clotting disorders and immunodeficiencies all fall within the specialisation of the internist. The internist is involved in nearly every condition and disease that you can imagine.

What does the internist do?

The internist specialises in identifying the causes of all sorts of physical complaints, such as fever, stomach pain, obesity or tiredness. Another key area of activity of an internist is to assess the risks of conditions such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or gastrointestinal disorders. An important part of their work is to listen to you to find out what your symptoms are, and then carry out a physical examination (or arrange for one to be carried out, such as an ECG, ultrasound, endoscopy, MRI or CT scan. An internist also specialises in making (provisional) diagnoses and drawing up a treatment plan.


The internist works closely with other medical specialists and is in constant contact with them about the correct treatment for patients. People who are overweight may, for example, be referred by the internist to a dietitian or physiotherapist.

Internal medicine specialisations

The Internal Medicine department at Boerhaave specialises in the following areas:

  • Diabetes
  • Vascular medicine (cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure)
  • Stomach, intestine and/or liver conditions
  • Obesity
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