Headache centre

Headache: A serious condition

Millions of people in the Netherlands suffer from some form of chronic headache. People who get headaches often do not look for medical help. But if your headache is impeding your daily life, treatment by your GP or a specialist may greatly improve the quality of your life.

Headache expert

There are two headache experts affiliated with the Boerhaave Medical Centre: Neurologists Dr. E.G.M. Couturier and Dr. N. Vlam. Dr. Couturier is a national expert in the area of diagnosing and treating headaches. If you suffer from headaches or are not benefiting from your current treatment, you can make an appointment with our headache centre.

Headache as a condition

There are various different kinds of headache. You may get headaches as a symptom (for instance with concussion), or as a condition in itself, such as migraines and tension headaches. These conditions are classified as primary headaches. In most cases, primary headaches can be effectively treated.

Types of headache

Our specialists treat people with the most diverse headache symptoms: Migraine, cluster headache and tension headache are the most common headache conditions. Apart from the above types of headache, we also treat other headaches, such as medication overuse headache, menstrual migraine and facial pain.


The treatment given to your headache depends on the diagnosis and cause of your headache. It is not possible to give advice that is applicable for all types of headache and for everybody. This is why the appointment with the neurologist is so important. Some headaches have very typical symptoms. You will have the opportunity to discuss your symptoms extensively with the neurologist during your consultation.

What are your symptoms?

The following questions are very important for making the first provisional diagnosis: Is the headache bad? How often do you get headaches? How long does the headache last for? Where do you feel the pain when you have a headache? How quickly does the headache build up? Do you also get symptoms such as nausea or vomiting? Your lifestyle and medical history are also important factors.

Keeping a journal

Many types of headache have typical symptoms. That’s why, when you make an appointment, we ask you to keep a headache journal and complete a questionnaire before coming to the clinic for your consultation. The neurologist can then assess your symptoms before you come for the initial appointment. The duration of your consultation can therefore be spent more usefully.

The treatment given for your headache will depend on the type of headache and underlying cause. In many cases, the neurologist will relieve your symptoms with medication. They may also give you advice (diet, sleep) or refer you for example to a specialist at the clinic (internist, wake-sleep expert, dietitian).

Making an appointment

If you want to make an appointment with the neurologist, please contact the clinic. The doctor’s assistant will ask you to take a number of preparatory measures before you come to the clinic.

We will also ask you for an overview of the medication you take and to bring it with you to your consultation with the specialist.

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