Why Boerhaave?

Open any magazine and you’ll find an array of adverts for clinics offering plastic surgery and weight loss treatments. How do you know if the clinic you choose is a reliable one? After all, it’s your body at stake and there’s no quality mark for clinics. The clinics in the ads may range from agencies, beauty salons or treatment centres without operating facilities to clinics with comprehensive operating facilities able to administer local as well as general anaesthetic.

The Boerhaave Medical Centre is a clinic with comprehensive operating facilities, where treatments can be performed under local as well as general anaesthetic.
The clinic is inspected by the Dutch Health Care Inspectorate
Its medical specialists are *BIG and **MSRC registered
Nurses and surgical assistants/nurses are *BIG registered
The operating theatre meets the highest standard of sterility (highest cleanroom category)
The clinic has overnight facilities with registered nursing staff
Excellent after care
Free consultation with the plastic surgeon
No waiting list
*BIG register: Tel: +31 (0)900 – 899 82 25
www.bigregister.nl (Wet BIG (1998): Dutch Individual Healthcare Professions Act (1998))
** MSRC: Medical specialists register in Utrecht. Tel: +31 (0)30 – 2823244

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